The nightmare

Fatigue washed over me and I could no longer find the will to carry on. My back slammed heavily against the wall and I sank to the floor. Tears burst from my eyes as my throat closed. I was gasping for air, but I couldn’t find any. First, I felt it in my toes, the light tingling you get when your foot falls asleep; but the feeling grew more extreme and deeper. The feeling was racing toward my hips, engulfing the entire lower half of my body in what was beginning to feel like flames. I was utterly terrified. It spread to my fingertips and my mind was telling me to find my parents but I wasn’t getting near enough air. As I tried to stand, the edges of my vision went black. My legs couldn’t hold me so, I fell back to the hard tile. My whole body shook and my breath became quicker from it’s already astonishing pace. All I could do was scream, I tried, but there was no air to pass over my vocal chords. I heard footsteps over the fuzziness of my mind. I felt my body being lifted from the floor and someone yelled, “Breathe!” But I couldn’t. It got worse and worse. I was terrified that this was how my life was going to end, weak and desperate for salvation. My cheeks were soaked, my vision was black, but the worst part was, I had no control.


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